Seasons Greetings


This year has seen more growth for Healthy Herbal.

The clinic has greatly expanded in Port Vincent and appointments are currently available at Mawson Lakes and Gumeracha

I have attained a graduate certificate in

Evidence Based Medicine with Honours in Complementary Medicine at

This has been a huge undertaking and has enabled me to expand my knowledge and understanding of the importance of critical thinking and being able to apply my knowledge to enhance the traditional use of herbal medicine.

Research confirms the many and varied uses of herbs in the safe and efficacious treatment of so many health conditions and I have been encouraged by the improvement in many of my patients’ health and well-being.

Functional testing has become an integral part of my practice with MTHFR and Pyrolluria featuring prominently. With this added knowledge, patients have learnt to self-monitor their health and well-being in a structured manner that assists their day to day functioning and allowing Independence and a feeling of being control of their lives, health and well-being.

Fertility treatment has also featured successfully in the clinic using


and sound clinical nutrition.  Congratulations to our mothers-to-be and my very best wishes for your families’ future happiness.

Massage therapies continue to provide relief to tired aching muscles, pain and inflammation along with herbal remedies for the relief of many and varied functional conditions and disorders.

Biocompatibility testing continues to offer much welcome relief to those with food sensitivities, hayfever, IBS, skin disorders and many other functional disorders. The list has been expanded to over 500 foods and products available on the supermarket shelf for ease of access.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their continued support and commitment to improved health and well-being.My passion is to assist people to reach their full potential in mind, body and spirit.Your faith in all things natural and steadfast commitment to reach your goals enables me to continue my work and study

Iridology continues to play a big part in my practice.  Inherencies are observed and in addition, the eyes reveal the improvement in patient’s health and well-being as they continue to commit to a healthy life-style.Iridology

Christmas Trading 2016

Mawson Lakes & Gumeracha

Appointments available up until close of business Thursday Dec 22nd

Port Vincent

Appointments available from Thursday 15th December until Sunday 18th December

Emergency Treatment or supplements

Phone 0408 804 345

To arrange a specific time or delivery

Many thanks for your support this year


BioLaesEr treatment available by appointment

Effective non-invasive treatment for pain and inflammation

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