Stress & Tension?  Sore joints and Muscles? Anxious or Depressed?  Just need to relax?

We at Healthy Herbal offer non-invasive LaesEr Bioresonance treatments to help reduce excess cortisol which is widely regarded in the medical journals as a mitigating factor in the cause of inflammation.

Research shows us that inflammation results in pain. Chronic pain is debilitating and results not only in discomfort but also fatigue.   There are many topical agents and supplements that are used to fight inflammation, such as Curcumin from Turmeric and Bromelain from the humble pineapple, just to name a couple.  Used in conjunction with the LaesEr Bioresonance, the body is brought back into balance,  and pain and inflammation is reduced.

Call Sue or Sherrilyn today!  LaesEr Bioresonance treatments are available as a stand alone treatment or in a Massage package.  A perfect treat for Mum on Mother’s Day!