The road to success differs not only in your methods of achievement but also your definition of success.
Your subconscious mind controls 95% of your life

Being concise with your definitions of your goals, desires and outcomes allows your subconcious mind to create new positive pathways.

Here are 5 short steps to help you achieve your desired outcome. 👣👣👣

1. Create short term and long term goals

2. Be very clear and concise about your definition of your goal be it success, happiness, confidence or whatever your desired outcome may be. Be courageous and expansive

3.Create positive affirmations or goal statements that resonate with you. Include adjectives and descriptions of how you see or feel your desired outcome

4. Keep a journal. Write every day.
Outline your short term long term goals, intentions, and action plans and achievements however small. Record your affirmations and goal statements 

5. Focus with intent. Reward yourself. Live in gratitude