I have been fortunate to be introduced to this amazing technique that I have found to be so successful for people feeling overwhelmed, inadequate, confused, and anxious or simply searching for answers.

For so long we have been trained to believe we are a product of our genes; our genetic makeup is our lot and that is the ultimate reality.

There is however a much broader and somewhat unconventional school of thought that challenges this concept

and is defined not only by its simplicity but it’s absolute EFFECTIVENESS

Join me in a Psych-K session to experience the profound changes that occur through a simple transformation of perception.

It will lead you on a path of self-discovery but more importantly self- renewal and liberation and inner peace

PSYCH-K has been helping people achieve positive change for over 25 years!

A cornerstone principle of PSYCH-K:  A life imagined, is possible!

PSYCH-K® is a non-invasive process utilised to uncover and change your subconscious belief patterns, developed since birth. Rather than trying to control the outcome by pushing harder to reach your goals, this simple technique allows alignment of your belief system by balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain.  Through the elimination of stress, limitations, blocks and self-defeating attitudes that exist in your sub-conscious mind, and hidden from your conscious mind the stress response is relaxed and alignment of your belief system is created.

It is this alignment that assists you to open doors, and allows the pursuit of the life that you deserve. It creates the space for you to live the life you’ve dreamed of living. Relationships, self-esteem, financial security, personal and professional prosperity, careers and overall health can all improve and become defined and clearer.

Positive changes that have been noted following sessions of PSYCH-K include the following:

Belief systems reinforced


Deeper interconnection

Healthier in Mind and Body and Spirit

Improved Relationships

Increased Personal and Professional Prosperity

Inner Peace

Phobia Elimination

Positive thinking


Spiritual Awakening

Stress release

Trauma release

Ask yourself

What do I want in my life the most, right here, right now?

What is preventing me from feeling happy, fulfilled, joyous, satisfied, complete, sustained, positive, and healthy?

How is the best way to achieve this?

Through the use of PSYCH-K, we FOCUS on people, not problems

By means of PSYCH-K you achieve Self-Realisation, Clarity, Vision and above all Peace

PSYCH-K is conducted in individual sessions, on average 60 minutes in length. There are specific procedures and processes followed to identify the desired change, address the blocks that exist in the subconscious, and create commitment toward achieving the desired goal. Muscle testing, along with directed dialogue and agreement, is the primary established method of reaching the subconscious, to create the alignment that will allow for change to occur. While a facilitator may offer insight, the process itself is directed through the client’s subconscious mind. Many times clients experience a shift shortly after a session. For others there may be a processing period before change occurs. Some deeper experiences may need to be gently brought to the surface giving our conscious mind the time it needs to accommodate these changes.

The PSYCH-K process works with your subconscious to align and initiate that change. All of us came here with our own guidebook, the one which will lead us to the life we want.

The good news is, it is that easy!