Today I have a different story

The theme for today is SELF-TALK

I share an affinity with my late mother Iris, where we awake with a tune in our mind.

Often, I am unfamiliar with the lyrics of the tune, but on reflection, I will often recall a line, a chorus, or some part of the song that reflects a message to me. On a deeper note, recollection of these lyrics and dreams often connect and I am able to interpret them with my day to day thoughts.

Life is all about perception

What we may perceive at any given space and time is how we co-create our reality. By maintaining positivity, and productive self-talk we can shape our lives in much more fruitful and healthy manner.
Today’s lyrics were from a modern song, the message I heard, being “different story”. Actually, last night at 2am’s thoughts!! Off to google I go to identify the song. Words such as “bottom of every bottle”, “words going around in my head” lead to Nickelback – “How you remind me”.

The words are actually
“I was waiting on a different story. This time I’m mistaken for handing you. A heart worth breaking and I’ve been wrong. I’ve been down into the bottom of every bottle.

These five words in my head scream…Are we having fun yet?

Interestingly, I have been very focused on change

Change of perception, change of location, change of practice. It has been a long and arduous journey, but one that needed to be made, as I transition from physical therapies to more esoteric and science based

Mind, Body and Spirit balance

Naturopathy and Western Herbalism are by nature holistic therapies; however tend to focus on physicality. Metaphysics however, shifts our focus to the underlying body messages that are sent to our conscious mind from our sub-conscious mind to bring awareness to areas that require attention!

Commonly, we reach for the Panadol, or the Physiotherapist, or the Chiropractor, or the antacid or any other modality that may relieve our symptoms. It is when we delve deeper into ourselves, that we become aware of a fabulous inherency that provides us with tools to create a healthier and happier existence,

if only we would listen.

Therefore, I listened to the lyrics in my head and related them to the current situation in my life, transition.
Moving from a 15 year long career as Massage and Reiki Therapist, Traditional Herbalist and Naturopath to a new consciousness of Psych-K ® Facilitating Naturopath with a focus on Balance, Peace and Harmony and how we are able to integrate this into our lives, has caused me to question my self-confidence and acceptance.

Hence, the song.

The lyrics have drawn my attention to the need to Trust. To rely on my self-belief, my clinical toolbox, to persist in my endeavours, no matter the judgement, to have patience that all will fall into place as it should and know that I am universally supported always. Above all, to be inspired, focus on my end goals, share my gifts and have faith in my education, ability, training and gifts.