Life in the health arena, as we know it is scheduled to change

Sometimes that is beneficial and sometimes we perceive it to be otherwise

Despite extensive campaigning from our profession for prevention,

the changes to Private Health Insurance rebates has been passed in the Senate,

due for implementation April, 2019.

These changes include 17 natural health modalities,

including Naturopathy, Western Herbal Medicine, Yoga and others.

What does this mean for us all?

Firstly, as a dedicated health professional, I will still provide the same caring services that I have provided in the past.

For the consumer, the government has decided that your choice of healthcare is totally irrelevant.

The downside for you is that from April, 2019 you will be ineligible to receive a PHI rebate for the majority of your natural heath consultations.
Given the pittance that was previously refunded, I urge you to consider the overall benefit of your health consultation provided to you by me, a highly trained health professional, in your continued health and well-being journey. My service will not alter. I will still endeavour to leave no stone unturned in an effort to enable you to be the best you can be, naturally.

I hold an SA Tafe Fitness Certificate that enables me to offer safe fitness regimes, exercises and appropriate stretches to suit your individual needs.
A Diploma in Massage enables me to relieve your stress, tension and anxiety whilst providing increased circulation and alleviation of soreness and pain. I have been massaging therapeutically for 14 years with plenty of experience to assist your body’s needs.

An Advanced Diploma in Western Herbalism enables me to safely prescribe natural herbal remedies to restore, rejuvenate or modulate your health, as well as provide advice in Clinical Nutrition, Health and Lifestyle management.

In addition, an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy enables me to provide in-depth nutritional supplemental advice, along with further clinical nutrition, lifestyle and nutritional plans, recommend actions for further treatment, referrals, functional testing and interpretation along with prophylactic health advice.

I am also a Certified Psych-K Facilitator which enables me to assist you to transform old belief patterns, inspire ways for you to reach your goals, calm anxiety, relieve depression, improve confidence, allay your internal fears and restore emotional harmony and balance.

Furthermore, should you feel you need higher educational standards, I hold a Degree in Evidence Based Medicine Management with Honours in Complementary Medicine which may assist your level of confidence in my expertise.

Along with Reiki and Orthobionomy my education standard assists to serve you and your needs to be the best person you can be naturally.
My point here is that my services not alter in anyway under the new proposed legislation.

It might be prudent to get the ball rolling prior the implementation of these legislative changes should you wish to avail yourself of the current rebates offered by your Private Health Insurer, prior to the changes next year. This will give you a good six months to make some positive changes to your health and well-being.
I can be found in three locations, Adelaide Hills, Hazelwood Park and the York Peninsula. [booking startmonth=’2018-9′]