Liver, MTHFR, Gall Bladder, Gall Stones

Are you habitually waking at 1am? You may be experiencing fat malabsorption and inflammation

Here are a few very  simple tips you can implement for 6 weeks to improve your sleep quality and duration

1. Eliminating gluten
2. Eliminating all of the 600 additives (621 635 etc) They are proven neurotoxins
3. Avoid saturated fat at your evening meal. Aim for more fish at night or chicken turkey lean beef or lean pork fillet (this can still be difficult to digest)
Stiry fry or lightly cooked meals that are more easily digestible
4.Have lemon juice in water every morning
5. Half a teasp of bicarb soda dissolved in three quarters glass of water with teaspoon apple cider vinegar 1 hour after dinner

6. Bone broths to improve immunity
Simple changes easy to implement but….
Will assist downregulation of inflammatory TH1 TH2 and cytokines thus reducing pain inflammation and liver load.