How long has it been since you actually felt good?

Feel wonderful, look great, shed those unwanted kilos

This program is designed specifically for the way you feel about yourself

 A customised test for every person

Are you ready to look amazing, feel fabulous, shed those unwanted kilos and drop that dress size?

Participants report a reduction in excess kilos without effort!  Patients have reduced their dress sizes with ease!  All your needs in one complete program. The 500+ Food and Product Hair Test (derived from your test results) is NOT a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Instead, it represents an easy way to feel great while following a very simple program.

The results of the test offer an in-depth picture of your individual health requirements.

As such, it forms a solid foundation upon which I will develop a personalised client care programme specifically for you.
Simple, easy and effective.  No fuss and easy to follow.  You will be amazed at it’s simplicity!

  • Uncontrolled weight gain – nothing works, no matter what you do
  • Bloating, reflux, gas – feeling uncomfortable after eating but cannot isolate what causes it
  • Fatigue – wake up tired
  • Tired, irritable – tire easily during the day, no motivation
  • Insomnia – there is nothing worse than being unable to sleep
  • Sensitivities – hay fever, sinusitis, runny nose, blocked nose, red nose, headaches,
  • Itchy skin – Eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, flaky, red, irritated, looks unsightly
  • PMS – mood swings, pain, irregular periods, menstrual disorders, hot flushes feeling miserable
  • Whatever your problem, this 6 month non invasive program will assist you to lose those excess kilos, trim up and feel vibrant, energised and well

  • Will provide relief from constant, nagging chronic symptoms that you may have been putting up with for a very long time
  • Non-invasive and easy to follow –  this is the best bit!
  • Monthly visits to monitor your progress and help you keep on track – you are monitored the whole way and are feeling supported throughout the whole program
  • Retest to make sure that you reintroduce those irritating foods and products