fitnessDaily walking, gentle exercise, yoga and stretching are beneficial for improved cardiovascular health, joint mobility and a general feeling of well being.  Joining a group session or a daily walk may prove beneficial for overall health and fitness whilst providing a sense of invigoration and renewal.  Many may prefer the structure and personalised assistance through a gym membership or through instruction with a personal trainer.  Organised sports such as tennis , bowling, rowing or sailing may provide exercise in a social atmosphere.  Whatever the choice the most important thing is to keep the body in motion.  Sue is a trained fitness leader and will provide relevant exercise advice.

Nutritional advice aims to improve overall health and well-being.  Providing the body with the correct nutrients on a daily basis is akin to fuelling the family car. If the car tank is filled with diesel petrol when it needs unleaded, the engine seizes and the car simply does not run.  The human body is much the same.

Without the necessary nutrients we become sluggish and out of tune.

Coupled with bio-incompatible foods, many functional disorders arise that leave us feeling anything but well.  Add to the mix foods in excess, such as sugar, alcohol and processed carbohydrates there may be a disruption of  the body’s natural processes.  The combination of specialized herbal remedies, supplements, Iridology and Biocompatibility testing provides invaluable tools for assessment and correction of many functional disorders otherwise labelled as idiopathic by convention medicine.
Extensive Nutritional training is provided with an Advanced Diploma in Western Herbalism and this knowledge is utilized in conjunction with other scientifically based units to provide an holistic treatment.