Sue 2011Advanced Diploma Western Herbalism – Diploma Massage – Certificate Fitness – Reiki

Sue M Coad, trained Herbalist, Fitness Leader and Massage and Reiki Therapist


has been involved with the Northern Adelaide Hills community since the nineties, conducting various fitness regimes and offering nutritional advice. Massage Therapy and Reiki have provided many clients with symptomatic relief of many and varied ailments. Subsequent studies in Western Herbalism, Bioresonance Therapy and Iridology bring a broad spectrum of knowledge and treatments, with all modalities providing an holistic approach to each individual.

Sue’s primary goals are improved health and well-being through a varied and broad, holistic approach of increased education encompassing fitness and nutritional recommendations, herbal supplementation and bio-compatibility testing.

Herbalism offers a traditionally based scientifically backed form of therapy, with an abundance of historical and modern clinical evidence of safety and efficacy.

Bioresonance has been used as a complementary therapy for over 40 years.  The LaesEr Bioresonance works with the latest, but nevertheless conventional measuring technology to read electrical signals from the body of the client, to amplify them and invert or modulate them with secondary information or frequencies.  This creates an increased sense of relaxation and well being in a very short time.  Non-invasive and drug free therapy to soothe and nourish the mind, body and soul.

Iridology has been used for hundreds of years by practitioners to show inherent strengths and weaknesses through markings in the iris. It offers confirmation of findings through a comprehensive history. Treatments may be monitored according to noted changes in the irides over time.

Bio-compatibility testing is a unique, non-invasive tool enabling reparation through the immune function to assist a broad range of functional disorders including but not limited to IBS, PMS, Eczema and other itching skin conditions, Hayfever & Sinus and other Sensitivities.  A sample of hair is sent off and tested against 500+ foods and products.  A simple six month protocol of avoiding those foods and products that are flagged may bring about relief of symptoms of many often debilitating conditions.

Each case is approached with individuality with the view of seeking a cause of dysfunction; be it physical or emotional rather than simply treating a set of conditions given the label of a disease. Holism encompasses every facet of the human being where the entirety of mind, body and spirit needs to be taken into careful consideration with empathy, discernment and discretion. This requires a comprehensive history taking along with time and patience, all of which are offered during a consultation.