Why Natural Therapies?

Natural therapies offer the opportunity for repair at a cellular level. Practitioner Only Products provide high quality, efficacious medicines, proven over centuries to assist the body in its innate healing capacity.

Clinical Nutrition offers tailored lifestyle plans to suit every individual. There are many eating plans available and a nutrition plan can be personalised to suit your individual needs!!! No two people are the same, therefore one size does not fit all!! What may be suitable for me does not necessarily mean that it will suit you! Talk to Sue on 0408 804 345 for more information

What to expect at a typical consultation

The first consultation is used to complete a complete medical history of the patient. It is using these questions that a natural therapist is able to ascertain an holistic treatment plan. Every person is treated as an individual. Typically the first consultation may take over an hour.

What is the benefit of BioCompatibility Testing?

Biocompatibility testing is used to ascertain sensitivities that have built up over time. These sensitivities are typically non-IGe mediated sensitivities; antigens that have been produced by the liver to undigested foodstuffs that have bypassed the normal digestive process and leached into the bloodstream. These antigens produce many uncomfortable symptoms and may result in many functional disorders, such as headaches, migraines, reproductive disorders, such as PMS, hayfever & sinusitis, breathing difficulties and asthma, just to name a few. The test is individual to every person. No two tests produce the same result and are unique to you!!! Many patients have found relief of many uncomfortable and irritating symptoms with this simple, non-invasive test. Call 0408 804 345 for more information.

Healing Crisis

Many people may experience an exacerbation of their symptoms when they commence treatment. Should this be experienced, it is best to discontinue therapy for three days or until the symptoms abate. Then recommence the therapy at half the original dose. Once the body has become accustomed to that treatment, gradually increase the dose until the originally prescribed dose is achieved. Contact your practitioner should you need any clarification and to ensure that your symptoms are indeed a “Healing Crisis” and not something else.