Folate is essential to the synthesis of DNA and good folate stores prevent some birth defects.

Folate also helps lower homocysteine levels. Low dietary intake and blood levels of folate are implicated in increased risk of cancer and high intake and blood levels reduce the risk

  • Water soluble vitamin
    Member of the B complex
    Anti-anaemia vitamin
    Anti-anaemia factor for monkeys found in yeast and liver in 1935
    Anti-anaemia factor for chicks isolated from liver and labelled Vit Bc
    Growth factor for lactobacillus casei and streptococcus lactis found in spinach, both named folic acid
    Dr Tom Spies demonstrated it cured anaemia of pregnancy
    Converted by liver in presence of Vit c to folinic acid
    Richest Food Sources
    Dried brewers yeast
    Soya flour
    Wheat germ
    Wheat bran
    Fresh nuts
    Pigs liver
    Green leafy vegetables
    Pulses (lentils, chickpeas, black turtle beans etc.)pulses
    Peeled citrus fruits
    Root vegetables
    Stored in the liver
    Unstable to oxygen at high temperatures but protected in the presence of Vit C
    Leaches into cooking water
    Overall losses of 45% can occur in processing and cooling of vegetables, fruits and dairy products
    Metabolism of RNA and DNA
    Essential for protein synthesis
    Formation of blood
    Transmission of genetic codes (hereditary characteristics
    Megal oblastic anaemia, where blood cells are large and uneven in size and shape with a shorter lifespan. Common in pregnancy
    Deficiency symptoms
    Weakness, fatigue, breathlessness, irritability, sleeplessness, forgetfulness and confusion