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Often when a person visits a doctor with hypothyroid symptoms, they will simply be given replacement hormones without any further inquiry into the cause of their condition. Even worse, if they have hypothyroid symptoms with normal lab tests, they may be told that “you are fine” If the patient insists that they are not “fine,” antidepressant medication may be recommended, but no further clue about the cause of the symptoms.

Thyroid disorders are complex and may be as simple as an iodine deficiency or as complex as Hashimoto’s thyroidits, an auto-immune disorder where the body appears to attack its own tissues. Research shows that Hashimoto’s thyroidits may be preceded by an infection such as Glandular Fever, Ross River Fever or Epstein Barr virus. These conditions often result in chronic fatigue and weaken the immune system.
Symptoms to look for
*Weight gain
*Thinning hair
*Soft, brittle nails
*Lack of moons in the fingernails
*Sensitivity to heat and cold
*Poor concentration, foggy brain, poor memory
*Intermittent migrating muscle and joint pain
*Persistent cough or sore throat
*Symptoms of IBS especially constipation
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In a consultation, have you been asked “when did you first notice this happening to you?” If the answer is that you have not had this explored, chances are your condition is far more complex and needs expert exploration and advice.